I love computer networking and will become a sysadmin

I am 20 years old, french and student in computer networks. I am looking for a company to make a contrat pro during 24 months in apprenticeship BTS Services aux Organisation at Gaston Berger at Lille.

I wanted to become a web designer when I was young but, finally, I wanted to become a video game maker after the BAC. I followed a university degree SESI license at University of Lille. Classes were very general, too much general like highschool. I reoriented to an education more professional and that target a accurate domain, DEUST Maintenance d'Infrastruture et Réseaux at Université de Lille. This formation attracted to me because it gives some programming languages like C/C++ and BASH. Of course, the heart of the formation is Computer Network. I did'nt think that I was going love so much and to see that like my professional project.

William Colpaert

William Colpaert

I love computers like many people. I have discovered a hobby for automation since one year ago. At my home, I have a server that runs twitter bots and others programs created by me. I love Python. My server runs too web sites, files server et many other things for my own purpose. Since I was a teenager, I am a huge fan of Japanese culture. I watch animes, read mangas and listen Japanese musics. I have started to interesting to computers thanks to videos games. I have made videos on YouTube then I know to use Abobe like Premiere pro and Photoshop.

Mes compétences:

System administration





Brevet de Technicien Supérieur Services Informatiques aux Organisations en Alternance (BTS SIO) — Gaston Berger, Lille

Dès septembre 2019 sous réserve d'avoir une entreprise d'acceuil en contrat de professionnalisation

Diplôme d’Etude Universitaire Scientifique et Technique Spécialité Maintenance et Infrastructures de Réseaux (MIR) — Université de Lille Campus cité scientifique

Janvier 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Licence Science Exacte et Science de l’Ingénieur (SESI) — Université de Lille Campus cité scientifique

Septembre 2017 - Janvier 2018 > Réorientation à la fin du semestre

Baccalauréat scientifique spécialité science et vie de la terre — Lycée Général Pasteur, Lille

Septembre 2016 - Juillet 2017



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